Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what's past, is past.

I gave a very long text to Apa a few days ago, apologizing to what I did to him all those years we were together. For all of his pain and tears. Cause it seems to me, even after a year, that karma still lingers around, hunting me down. After me, he is with this girl, Aisha Banjori. And they are still together til today, and that makes them already almost a year. While me, on the other hand, had already been changing bfs for ... I don't know, 6 times ? None is more than 3 to 4 months. I don't know what was wrong with me cause I'm the type of girl who commits wholeheartedly. It's either those guys were jerks, or I was just another crazy drama queen that none can stand. I think both. Hmm.

So I texted Apa, and begged him to forgive me and let it all pass. I just really want to live happily. I am very sorry for what happened between us back then. I was too ego and selfish. Hmm. I guess, he already forgive me cause finally, I'm living the life I dreamed off with Ashore. Yeah still, we have our ups and downs, but heyy, who doesn't ?

Apa, if you're reading this, I just wanna say thank you for forgiving me (if you did) and I'm still very sorry for every pain I've caused you. May you live happily with Aisha. I pray for the best for both of you. And, just so you know, you're still the only one. Thank you.