Thursday, November 18, 2010

beat the man, not the bitch.

I just finished reading "beat the bitch" by Tess Stimson. It's a good book. Tells you everything that you need to know how to keep your man pants on from other women. Though some of what she wrote I disagree, but then again, who am I to critic ? Still, though some of her philosophies make sense, I can't help but realise that...

why do women have to do all the work ?

Just by reading the contents of it, I feel that it is not fair that women alone have to be alert and work on everything to make their relationship works. Where do men parts come in ?


1 Why You Need to Read This Book
2 Know Thy Enemy
3 Love Rat Stats
4 Snoop on the Dog
5 How Do I Cheat on Thee ? Let Me Count the Ways
6 The Bobbitt Quiz
7 Not All Affairs Are Equal
8 What Not to Do
9 Beat the Bitch
10 Interview With a Vamp
11 Ten things Men Really Like in Bed
12 Don't Get Mad, Get Diamonds
13 Revenge isa Dish Best Served Now
14 Interviews With the Infidels
15 Ten Things Men Really Hate About Women
16 You Don't Want to Hear This But......

All I read was about what women should do to please their men n keep them away from other women. But what about men ? Don't they have to do something too ? Have you ever seen or read any book that tells men how to be faithful and loyal to their women ? Or what men can do to please their women ?? If there is, tell me. I would loooooove to read it. And guys, Ten Things Man Can Do to Hit on Woman doesn't count.

Don't women have better things to do other than to please their men all the time without screwing things up ? Once a woman deny her man's need in bed, she is considered being ignorance and couldn't careless about their relationship. But when the house is clean, dinner is served, the bills are paid, she is a superwoman. What the fuck is that ?

I refuse to believe that it is the nature women should be treated this way. Men too need to make things work. Please their women in bed, take them to Paris for a romantic honeymoon, get home early for dinner, buy them jewelleries, cook their fav dish on anniversaries... come on ! It takes two to complete ! Not women alone.


This is the 21st century. No matter how many tricks women are taught, there is no excuse why men should be pampered the most. I believe in equalty. And yes, I do think of ways how I can please him and how he can do the same for me. I'm a pro-women, not an anti-men. The world doesn't revolves around on one side only.

Nevertheless, it's a good book. Atleast I know what to do if my man is cheating on me. Heyy wait, he already did actually. So yeah, thanks Tess ! :)


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