Monday, December 19, 2011

noob :')

It has been a month since we were official. So i brought him to see my mom just now. We had dinner together with Liniy and Noreen at Johnny's Timesquare. I have never bring anyone to see my family exp Apa and him. Even Angah and Golo has never seen my family, not that they give a shit but still. It might still too early to say this considering that we are still new, but I think he might be the one. Yada yada laugh all you want peeps, I know I changed bf a lot but it has been a while since I had this feeling. The last time anyone has ever loved me this way was Apa. Now that I found someone who can replace him, I will never repeat the same mistake ever again. I will never let him go. And for that, I will be the best of me. Pray for me yeah ? And for us.

I love you baby :')



  1. Good lck in this new rltnshp.hope 2 c u both wif a hppy more hurt no more cry ok? @zalikha dzaki