Friday, May 11, 2012

From Twitter to "will you be mine"

It's been a while since I last set foot on my blog. I guess blogging is no more my interest. I used to blog all day with more than 7 posts a day. Then came along Facebook. Every single day posting up status and uploading photos. Until recently, I moved my social network addiction to Twitter where you can go berserk or posting up anything you want every single minute. I'm not sure what's gonna come after Twitter. All I'm saying, Twitter too shall pass. It's just a matter of time.

Evenso, there are people who are not pleased with it. And it has caused a lot more destruction than it should. It is so frustrating that such network can give a big impact to my life. It's not like I'm a social network freak. I still prioritise what should be prioritised. Still, a little distraction can caused so much annoyance to some people.

Yes, if you're guessing that I'm referring to my bf, then you are right. He's not fond with the attention I get from Twitter, and the new friends I'm making. He claims that I'm an attention seeker. Maybe yes, maybe no. After all, every girl loves a bit of attention don't they ? But I don't blame him though. I know he's actually jealous. And that shows how much he loves me. He's not the type of guy who will say "i love you" all single fucking time like I do. But you can see that he actually do love me. Just in a way that I'm not really fond of. Still, the fact that he loves me, make me understand all of his childish attitude. We first met because of Twitter too after all. I understand his paranaoia. But he should really know by now, not even my first love can take me away from him. Only Allah's will can.

Truth to be told, we are on the rocks now. But both of us are trying so hard to make it happen. A friend once told me that a Virgo can never click with a Gemini. I don't know wether I should rely on that. I'm afraid that if I do, I'll be "khurafat"... But it seems like, what he said might be 30% true, wallahualam.

I love him. I'll never stop trying to make things right. If God says we are meant to be, then we are meant to be. Amin, insyaAllah. If this too end, I don't know if I can ever love someone else the way I love him. It's hard to love again when everything has been given away, nothing is left. Sometimes I wonder, did I made the right decision when I asked "Will you be mine? " .... But just by looking at his smile and the way I laugh at his stupid jokes, I know I shouldn't have doubt it at first. I don't know about him. He might be feeling a bit sorry for saying "I do"... but not me. Not a single regret til this day.

Yes, it was me who popped the question. It was supposed to be a secret. But it seems like someone would go that far just to hurt me. It's okay, just my luck. Know why I popped the question first ? It was not for the fact that I wasn't sobber that night, no. But because the fact that good things should not wait. And yes bby, you are it.

It's funny how we met through social network too though.


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