Wednesday, April 13, 2011

M K A.

He was there yesterday. I didn't expect it at all but I hoped I reacted the way I should. He was on his way back when he came to see me. He was with another girl. I was calm though it hurts. We talked. I can't quite remember what we talked about. But I'm sure he was sorry for everything. And he said kita buat macam biasa, kita jadi macam mula-mula dulu. So I said now you are like a big brother to me, and I'm like a lil sister to you okayyy, like before. I forced a smile on my face while saying that.

The saddest part is when I had to take off your ring that I have been wearing since you gave it to me and gave it back to you. Also when we hug for the last time. You hug me so damn tight..reminds me back to where we start. Back to 4 months ago. I will never forget your touch. Thanks for 3 wonderful months. Though its only for a while, I had a great time and was happy with you.

For the last time, I love you MKA.


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