Sunday, July 10, 2011

time heal all wounds

My sister was having a problem with her gf this evening.. She was screaming and crying like crazy and it was hurting to see her like that. Reminds me of myself months ago. I know how it feels like. I really do.

Then she asked me the only question I never know how to answer .... " Macam mana Ija boleh jadi kuat ? "


The truth is, I never was. Even to this day. Eventhough I have a boyfriend and has moved on already, still, there are times where I wished I could turn back time and make things right. But I eased myself by keep telling me that to love, is not necessary to possess. Aku takkan tipu - memang akan sakit. Sakit yang tak terperi. There are no heartbreak yang tak sakit. There will be times yang kita akan break down gila2, mengamuk mcm orang hilang akal, menangis sampai mata bengkak2... but all that will passed. It's just a matter of time cause time heal all wounds. We can never forget our past no matter how hard we try. Infact, sometimes I feel like, the harder I try, the harder it gets. So, we move on with all the pain inside. And slowly, the pain will lose itself. Just learn to let go, we will be just fine. Not happier, just fine.


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