Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's not the CHEMISTRY. It's the TIMING.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy season 4 disc 3 for the 100th times just now. Season 4 is the part where George O'malley cheated on his wife, Callie Torres with his bestfriend, Izzie Stevens. O'malley and Torres ended their marriage due to it. Torres was hurt badly. She's divorced and to top that, she was demoted from being Chief Resident which then was given to Miranda Bailey (adore her character so much! girl power!!)..It was like the end of the world for her. But luckily she and Erica Hahn became bestfriends where they end up kissing at the last episode of this season...(lesbians on the way in GA)!!

Back to my main point. About O'malley and Stevens. After his divorced with Torres, he and Stevens proceeded with their love affair. It's the new thing in Seattle Grace Hospital. Everyone's talking about it. Steven took O'malley from Torres..bla bla bla..after a while..things between them were just not right. There was always something wrong. Either in bed, circle of friends, understanding and everything..just not right. It's weird though cause when they were friends, everything was perfect. They were like BFF. Then, they thought, it must be the chemistry. Maybe they were not fit to be couples. Maybe they just didn't have the chemistry. That's what they thought.

Until one day, O'malley said to her.."I think it's not about the chemistry. I think it's about the timing"..Then Stevens said "'re saying..maybe someday?"..They figured it out. It's not about the chemistry. It's about the timing. They were perfect for each other. The only thing that cause all the flaws was the timing. They should have wait a little longer. When everything is not as chaotic as now. When everything's around them are not in a mess. They called it quits. For a moment. Until the time is right.

I reflects exactly the situation between me and Apa. I mean..we both were with someone else when we fell in love (or what we thought is love)..and we left them so that we can be together. At first, things were perfect for us. Eventhough they were some people who disagree with us being together but still..we were happy. Until everything slowly to fall apart. I used to think it was because the chemistry too. Maybe me and Apa didn't have the chemistry. But then, when I watched GA just now..I think yeah..maybe it's not the chemistry. Maybe it's the timing. Chemistry can be built. The timing that puts it at the right place.

So, I don't know wether to put us on hold or what. I don't know wether the "maybe someday" is the solution to our problem. But what I know..our timing is not right. We should have waited a little longer. When things between him and his ex..when things about his ex are settled and cooled down. I should have realise it earlier. Didn't see it coming. Huh.

But we just made an intervention. A bit of innovation to our relationship. So far it's working slowly. Hope it ends well. :))

Maybe this kind of thing happens in your relationship. Sit back and think. Maybe it's not about your chemistry. Maybe it's the timing. Or some other reasons. Cause chemistry can be built.


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