Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's too late to regret.

I've heard the sayings "love means letting go" but I never really understand the meaning. If you love someone, why let go?

I wish, I can turn back time. Undo what I did. My life wasn't so bad before. Just need some changes. But not this so drastic changes. I can't adjust myself to the environment yet. I miss my old life. I really miss them.

I learned my lessons. Never too quickly jump to a conclusion. Everything we do needs a wise thinking before actually making a decision. Sometimes. life can be fair and can be so unfair. I have everything I dreamed for but I blew it away. I had my happiness but I let them slipped away. I had the life I imagined but I crushed it in a second. I had someone who loved me so much but I waste her away.

I made this. I'm living with what's left of me. Trying to make it right everytime it goes wrong. But I'm tired. So tired that I don't know what else is coming.

People, when you found something that you think is what you've been searching for, think twice or you'll end up like me. You never know what's infront of you until it's gone.


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