Friday, April 3, 2009

Let me love you. Not scared of you.

I've tried to change for you. I let you rule. I let you decide. I let you to be angry. I let you to talk.
I just keep quiet. Put my ego down. Keep my thoughts away. Act calm.
I did my best to change. And you know I did. You admitted once. I was proud and determined to stay that way.
But you didn't let me. Cause you keep on with your new behaviour. You enjoy being on the throne. You forget about being a human being for a moment.
Where is the person that would do anything for me? For the one he loves? Or you just don't love me anymore?
Where is the person who continuosly take my breath away??
Where is the person who always let me go first??
Where is the person who always tolerates??
I know you don't care. But I'm a lady. Treat me like a lady.
I'm changing for you. Like you wanted me too. Sorry if I failed.
Just..if you could be like the one I first met, or even a slight of him, it would be great and a lot easier for the both of us. I love you. And I'm looking forward to have a future with you. So, make this one work. Please. One step at a time.


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