Thursday, February 25, 2010

I kill that thought.

I once said to someone..."nak cepat habis study, nak kerja, pastu kahwin then dapat anak. Nak setel sume cepat"...then he laughed.

Apa salah ke aku cakap nak setel sume cepat? Herm. Okay after setel sume yang aku nak buat, what's next? MATI ?

This past few days I kept thinking of the purpose why God created us. If we study agama, they'll say that to be a virtuous servant of Allah. Yes I get it.

The answer does not satisfy my curiosity. I know it is true but then still not enough for me to not think of it.

My dad's right. I need to start on my soul searching. And that was many many months ago.



  1. kau tak habis2 dengan nak emooo!!!!
    skarang zaman gothic laaa..

  2. hahaha. biar ahh. i kan old fashion. huhu