Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When it is time to let go.

My friend is hurting. This time it's not because of some busybody lecturer. Not because of some fat girl who just can't keep her mouth shut. Not because some girl who just can't stop hating her for no good reason. Not because her results are not as she expected. But because some guy who stilll loves her but can't be with her. It hurts. I know. Been there, done that.

Dayang, kau still ingat macam mana keadaan aku dulu masa aku end dgn Dayne kan? Macam-macam kau cakap kat aku nak bagi semangat so that aku boleh move on..or atleast to breathe. I wish I could say the exact same thing to you back but I know no matter what I say, I can never ease the pain you are going through. Satu benda je yang aku boleh cakap kat kau. Don't do anything stupid. Anything at all. When I say stupid, it's not particularly commit suicide ke and I don't think you will go to that extend pon or you might in under certain circumstances but still.. don't do anything stupid that can humiliate you and others around you. Kau tengok keadaan aku masa dulu pun dah cukup kot nak bagi kau pengajaran. Kan?

Selalu in typical Malay movies yang pasal cintan cintun ni..mesti ada kes macam ni. I thought it only happens in Malay movies. You know...."I love you but I can't be with you" stuff...aku selalu tak paham. If you guys love each other, just be together lah. What's the problem nak kusut kusut kan kepala tak boleh nak together. And the reasons aren't rigid enough. This is why I said cite Melayu murahan. But then now I realise, in reality, yeah, our lives memang macam drama Melayu murahan. Saling tak tumpah. Love each other, but it's complicated. And it is we who makes it like that. Simple things kita jadikan dia complicated. Why??? For some reason, it just happens like that. Bullshit. tough. You'll get better in time. Sampai satu tahap kau dah lali sangat dengan semua ni. Aku pun almost buat fallacy hasty generalization where I think all men are the same. But I'm a critical thinker (or hoped to be) so I'm taking things in a positive way. Though sometimes I think that positive thinking is somehow being in denial...but still, it is what keeps me strong. And you too. Okay?? Love you.


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