Saturday, February 13, 2010


It was morning. And dark.
Up we climb. To see the sun shines.
They pick the guitar. We sang along.
Again and again till there was no more song.
Our heart were thrilled. I know mine did.
Entertained by every beat.
God is Almighty.
Thank you God for this most beautiful scenery.

The five of us...went out with not knowing where to go or what to do, just hanging out, screaming our lungs out, laughing all night as if we have no problems, no exams, no worries. The first time is always the best time. Jak dengan cite Ofylia die, Az dengan tak habis habis membahan bontot aku ( I tau u tak puas hati sbb tak dapat dapat enn? haha), Syira dengan sesat jalan nye, Dila dengan asek kena kacau dengan Jak je..even aku bukan fans Bunkface pon, tapi lagu Situasi tu lah kitrang dok ulang ulang sumbangkan. HAHA. poning poning poning. Best best. Lolololove. Ada masa, kita gi merantau tempat orang plakk kay?

Look at the sun. :))

Az, Syira, Phye, Jak.

Az, Syira, Dila, Jak.

Tak sangke perot aku flat sbenar nye. Bwahaha!

Who's hotter?? BWAHAHA.
The girls.

The boys.

Jak with the black ladies.
Lagi kami.

Fav pic!


Az si pepet.

Jako jako si tetek!

Phye si bontot HOT!! (sumpah aku tak pegang pape pon)

Dilly lilly!! (gi Langkawi nak rokok sekarton!!) :))

Syira Sykes!!!! (best advisor aku)

Two nights in a row. Love spending time with you guys. Thanks for everything babes. 8/2/2010...we will repeat the history again okayy?

p/s: Fav part aku bile dalam "kotak nyanyi"...!!

bontot HOT.