Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not in denial.

" Ija kuat ehh ? Ija tak rasa pape ke break dgn Apa ? Akak tengok Ija okay je "

Hahahaha. The truth is, yes no doubt I do miss him a lot. But I never shed a tear since we broke up because...I haven't felt any lost yet. Apa contacted me everyday and as usual, at the end of it, we argued like always. I think because he still wants me that makes me feel emotionally secured. Maybe my sister is right. One day, when he suddenly stop looking for you and has a new person in his life, I'll break down and cry.

Haa ! Untuk play safe, jom cari banyak banyak. Pasang ramai buat hilang rasa takut kehilangan. Jom !


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