Friday, December 17, 2010


I have been eating non-stop lately. Bangun terus cari makanan. I dont eat chocolate that much. But termasuk the last one, tu dah my 5th chocolate bar in two days ! What the fuck lah weh ! I dont know why and what the hell is wrong with me. Nak kata nak period, still, tak penah pulak kannn nak makan macam org kebulur gile tak penah makan. I gain 3kg back. Buang mase je diet hari tu.

I dont eat when I'm stress. I guess I'm happy now so thats why I've been eating non-stop. But when come to think of it, what am I happy for when my life is upside down ?

This is my era of desperation. Ohh please people. I'm not easy. I'm just lonely. Damn.


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