Tuesday, December 28, 2010

erased memory,

Someone once planned to go out on a date with me a few weeks ago. I wasn't excited. I was scared. It seems like..I haven't been on a date for quite some time. I can't even remember when was the last time I dated. Like seriously ! Pathetic aite ? I used to be good in this. I mean the flirting, the topics to chat about, how to keep the conversation interesting and stuff...I used to know these stuffs. But now...I don't even have a clue ! But screw the date now. It ain't gonna happen.

I forgot a lot of things. I forgot how does a true kiss feels like, the feeling of being madly in love, the joy of success, the happiness in every celebration. I forgot it all. Like what is going on ?
All I'm asking is to be happy again. To have sparks and passion in my life. Cause it seems like...I've lost my glitter. I don't know what went wrong but I'm gonna fix it. Yeah, I'm gona fix it.

Orang kata, kalau kita go through all of it dgn yang tersayang, jadi lagi bermakna. Kalau lah aku ada.. But its okay. Aku tak butuh siapa-siapa untuk terus hidup. Aku paling benci bila orang cakap aku tak boleh hidup tanpa cinta. Aku boleh survive sendiri. Tapi tak salah kalau kite tambah seri dalam hidup kan ? Hari hari aku sekarang pun tanpa orang. Takpe. Aku tunggu... Herm so now...mcm apa yang aku ckp, no cliche resolution for me this coming new year. Aku bedal je ape pun yang terbentang untuk aku. Lets just hope the best for me okay ?


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