Thursday, December 30, 2010

had enough.

I'm at a point where I'm bursting and blowing my brains out. I just can't handle anything anymore. Am I a selfish person ? I refuse to believe so if it's true. Cause I know I'm not. What is it that I do that is so wrong and put me in this kind of situation ? This kind of feeling ? I hate this. A bad way to start my new year. I always hope for the best for everyone and myself. But why is it me who always get the shit of everything ?

I was obey but I got cheated and beat up.
I was faithful but I got dumped.
I was honest but I got played.
I was good but I got grounded.
I was nice but I got booed.

What ??? Is it too much that I'm asking for ? Or I asked the wrong person ? What ? Is it so hard to appreciate me ? Is it so hard to just treat me nice without pretending ? What ? Where do I go wrong ??????? Just freaking tell me !

I'm a mess when I'm alone. Damn I'm lonely. I'm honest to give all of my love and determination. I'm offering something that is so pure, why refuse ?

Yeah maybe you're right. I can't live without love. Screw you. I'll prove you wrong.

People tend to bring us down. So from now on, I'll try not to need anything from anyone. Kannn Diane ? Wish you're here babe :'(


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