Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To a girl whose name starts with the alphabet "N"

Girl, you don't have to hide anything from me. Seriously. I know everything. Maybe not from his own words but I know. Cause I'm not stupid. Have you ever heard the sayings "action speaks louder than words"? The more you guys deny it, the more I know that it is true. I have nothing agaisnt you. Honestly. I am just not ready to meet or to hang out with you yet. It's not that I hate you. No!! I don't hate you and I don't want you to hate me too. I'm a nice person. It's just that things are moving so fast that it keeps me off track. I can't keep up to things that I'm not 100% ready yet. Maybe to you it is all nothing but to me, it is everything. You used to be the "IT" girl for him. You used to be his everything. And I was there when it all happens. I told him what to do, what to say to you. I was there when he felt as if you are not around anymore. So I know how things were before. I know how much you meant to him before. If you were me, how would you react if you are asked to meet "you"? I wasn't ready. You are not a competition. You are a mate. So I don't wanna see you or treat you as if you are my competition. Things will get ugly. I am not mad. I'm just dissapointed. Don't treat me as if I can't handle the truth. It might be tough at first but I'll get the point. I'm not a child. Dont't treat me like one. It's fine to me that you guys are still friends. I have nothing agaisnt your friendship. I understand. But when you guys hide it, deny it, that what makes me feel so furious. He has to know his priorities. I'll be lying if I say i don't mind you guys still calling each other "syg" or "yg"..yeah it do kills me sometimes. But then what more can I do? I just hope that you guys can respect the relationship him and I are having. I know you can. You are a girl like me. We girls understand each others feelings aite? Him and I are still not rigid. We are still fragile. I'm sure when we are solid, everything would be fine between you and me girl..in the mean time..I hope you understand. I really don't wanna see you as a barrier in our relationship. So please don't be. And seriously, you don't have to hide anything from me. I know.

love from me,

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