Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In great pain. Hell.

I'm in hell of pain. Since yesterday I couldn't sleep. I was suffering from period pain. I couldn't get up from bed. Only now I can finally get up, take a shower, and thank God I felt a bit okay. Seriously. How I wish someone who knew how to take care of me when I'm having a period pain is here. That would be a lot easier for me. Herm..

Something is missing. I can feel something is missing. Something is not right. Adoyh. Is this the hormones talking or what? Whatever it is..I really hate this feeling. Huh.



  1. heyy..rindu-lah,
    tgok ko p.pain..
    sumtmes ko pkse sumbdy tumbok ko..
    n 1day ayem said,
    "cpat..(xsure dy mrh spe)..
    faezah 'alaina dh sakit pinggang tggu.."

  2. hahaha. BABUNTEK.
    kau egt lagi sama itu ayem? HAHA.
    sampai skrg kott aku mintak orang lenyek aku. HUHU