Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bestfriend and boyfriend.

Last Wednesday, Apa finally sold his sport rim. So, konon nye mahu belanja makan lah. Being me yang memang takkan nak mintak benda sempoi2, cakaplah jom makan Johnny's? Dah bosan dah asek Old Town White Coffee and mapley. Nak gak makan mewah dgn dia. But of course he's paying lahh. HAHA. So we went straight to J.J Seremban, then makan Johnny's..erm..yummy yummy. Thanks sayang. Pastu tengok movie then jalan2 lah kami berdating. Hehe.

Today he and his friends ada buat private party. Konon untuk reunion budak sekolah dia lah. Yad invited me too since I'm Apa's girlfriend. But then I'm not going cause I don't want to start all this partying again. But I let Apa go cause tu dah macam reunion. So I let him go with 5 conditions. And trust me, you don't wanna know what are the 5 conditions. HAHA.

It's fun to be the "lady boss" sometimes. Can't let him rule all the time aite? Dyane seems to have a fight with someone. I'm gonna ask her what's going on. It's been ages since I online. And everytime call die pon tak sempat nak cite panjang. And I'm so at her side regardless with who she's having problem with. Bestfriends are eternity.