Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday vs. wedding.

Yesterday was my birthday. HAHA. Thank you for those yang wish. Ramai gak yang tak disangka ingat my birthday. Dah la aku tatau bile birthday diorang. Ampun. I'm such a bad friend..haish..well, i was in Kedah during my birthday. My brother in law punya adek kawen. I gotta admit that this year was the worst birthday ever. Not because all the attention I'm supposed to get on my birthday was distracted by the wedding, but because I was suffering from period pain!! And for those who know me, period pain ain't easy for me. Period pain is my worst nightmare that came true every month. And to top all that, I was away from him. So, we couldn't celebrate it together. Nevermind. I'm a big girl now. I shouldn't be expecting a surprise party or a fancy celebration anymore. I'm not in high school dah. Kalau dulu boleh lah, every year pon ade orang celebrate. Thanks to all my friends for that. Especially Dyane. Thanks babe for all the surprises during my birthdays that you threw for me.

I'm trying to grow up. Not pushing it so hard. Just letting things to go by natural. A lot of things that happen before that I shouldn't expect to happen anymore. I'm a big girl. And big girls don't cry huh fergie?? HEHE. "Life" is a really good teacher. Not my fav though, but a really good one.

p/s: I already have something in mind for his birthday. Just wait and see. Might be good, might be bad. Hehe.


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