Wednesday, June 17, 2009

suicide? came to mind.

I feel so down. Really. I was hoping that I can stay the weekends here in Nilai with my friends since they're planning to do something to celebrate my birthday last week. Haish. I know I screwed up before. But I stopped doing all those stupid stuffs I did. Please..I know I'm still young. I know that probably I don't know anything about real life as pro as you guys. But I'm learning. People make mistakes. I'm sure you guys have done something wrong in the past too. But you learn your lesson right?
Ma, Pa, Along.. let me experience and learn my lesson so that I know it in future. So that I won't repeat it. I have a life. Though it's limited cause of you guys.. but's my life. Let me live in it without having to suffocate every minute. Please...don't put on so much tense in my life. It is already complicated as it is. You know..teens life. It's's cliche but it happens. I'm sure you had them during your youth time. Haish..Let me breathe!!!
p/s: Thanks for your time. It was nice to chat with you after so long. Thank you.


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