Wednesday, June 10, 2009

never been better.

My lil sis found my blog too. Thank you for the comment you gave me though it's not that pleasing. I gave up long ago. You still have your anger, I get it. So, keep on reading my blog if you want. I don't mind. It's public.

Okay. I had this very unpleasant dream last night. It was as if as real as in real life. It was strong enough to wake me up from my sleep. Twice!! I tried to call him but I couldn't as I was crying and also too sleepy. I don't know how to describe my dream but all I can say I know how it feels like to be her. I don't know how she did it but I salute her for being that strong. I've known her my life. She's not weak but she's soft. She has a soft heart. Compared to me who thinks she's tough in everything. But to what had happen, if it happens to me, I wouldn't know how to survive.

Well, I wouldn't look back now. I'm moving forward. I won't let past hunting me anymore. Past only making me weak and I thank God for all that happened in my life before. He gave me a very valuable lesson to learn in life.

Apa said he wants to quit everything. He wants to be serious in life as how he knew I wanted him to be. He has not been drinking or doing anything stupid for ages now. He hates his friends who are still doing those stuffs. Yad said I changed Apa a lot. That he's now a better man. I don't think it was because of me. I think it's because he realises all that he did was stupid and he wanted to stop and I am there to support him. Cause changing lifestyle needs support.

I am changing too. For a start, I decorate my study table so colourful so that it will give me the spirit to study. Muahaha. Hey, it's a change what? I never decorate my study table tau. HAHA. We are starting a new life. Hope it all ends well. Wish us luck. :))

p/s: Don't hate us. Envy us. You know you do.


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