Monday, March 14, 2011

diam tanpa kata.

" Sy harap wlupn kt jauh, awk xlupe kat sy..maafkan sy sbb sjk kblkgn ni, hbgn kt dingin cube lupekan ape dh jd...i love u so much 'alaina... "

You gave me this text while I was on my way back home for a semester break. Tears were dropping while I read it. After what happened, I know you still love me even you were so damn frustrated. I see there is still hope.

But then now..... ?

We seems to grow further away from each other. I don't understand why cause I am still the same person I was when we first met. Don't come find me whenever you want. I'm not a puppet. Hanya dicari bila terasa ingin mencari.

Aku punya mata, telinga, hati dan perasaan.

May tomorrow is a better day.


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