Sunday, March 20, 2011

adrenaline rises up !!

Since I'm gonna start working tomorrow, so I have been spending a lot of time with my friends. I mean, those yang near to me lahh. Particularly with Anoy, Cham and Adriana. Ramai yang terlajak belajar kat negeri lain. So these past few weeks mmg dengan dorang jelah keluar. Ada jugak a few others yang sangat mengundang kalau disebut namanya dalam blog ni. Huhu. Thank you guys .... for filling my lonely days... lololove korang !

Okayy the fun stops right here. Lets go to work work work ! I'm over excited cause this is my first time having a real job..cause I usually do freelance job je. But at the same time cam malas pun ada. But I have to work ! To pay all the bills, all the debts, and all the fancy clothes I want to wear. Independent woman babeh ! I'm gonna miss all the late night outings and movies...and no more tidur sepanjang hari.. :(

Me and Adriana during the job interview.

Me and Cham kat playground area rumah Adriana.

Me and Anoy...enjoying our lovely crepes at Pavi yesterday :)

p/s: Ada laki tua kejar sebab nak berkenalan kat Sg Wang smlm. First time experience - scary !!


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