Saturday, July 25, 2009

The city.

I never watch "The Hills" but I'm enjoying "The City". Hehe. To those who watched it too, my favourite is Erin. I think she's prettier than Whitney and she has that "sexy serak manja" voice that I like in girls. And I prefer Adam than terms of look lah. Both guys pon are not faithful..hate that kind of guys. Herm. The series is more to relationship kind of stuff. Not into fashion thingy sangat. More focus on datings, hook ups, exes, cheatings, jealousy and all that. Everytime I see them kissing or hugging, it makes me feel more....wanting him with me all the time. Urgh!!

Now is almost 4 a.m. My mom dah bising2 suruh tido. So..later peeps. Muahx

This is Erin..hehe :))


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