Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sama spesies.

KD a.k.a I don't know her real name a.k.a my roomate. Tapi dia tak duduk campus. Dia duduk kat Bangi with her family. Same species with me. Uia student. Amek BEN. Same course with me. But dia student first intake. So she's graduating this sem. I'll be graduating next sem. Akhirnya, jumpa yang sama species. Tapi adakah kitorang satu kepala? Lets see. Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to hang out with her. I'll definitely have some friends in Gombak. Can't wait to get out from Nilai. Huh..

But then, will I see you as much as we did in Nilai when I go to Gombak? I don't want things to change. I want to see you everyday. Like we always did.
I love you anak Amzah.


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