Saturday, July 11, 2009

A "friend" in disguise.

She hates me cause she loves him. I know that. I strongly believe that. She hates me. She doesn't like me. She's in love with him. Always have and forever will. But she never let it out. She loves him discreetly. Secretly. Cause she's afraid if she's being honest about her feelings, she might lose him. She might lose their friendship. Cause they were an incredible friends. And me and him, are an incredible couple.

They were friends even before I met him. They were long time friends. And she was having a crush on him as long as she could remember. I warned him about it. It's obvious. But he just said that I was being ridiculous and they are only friends and nothing will happen between them. Fine.

Still..she hates me. And it's growing each day. I don't care. As long as she keeps her crush on my boyfriend to herself. And if she ever do anything that breaks us apart, she's going to die. I swear on my nenek's grave that I'll destroy her if she destroy us. I don't care if you're not nice to me. I don't care if you don't see me as your friend. And I really don't care if you wanna act nice to me infront of him. I really don't care. You can fool anyone. Anyone but me. Your crush on my boyfriend, really don't scare me. I am secured. Cause he loves me so much. You are only his friend. And he'll always see you that way. Not more and could be less if I wanted to! Don't mess with me.

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