Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MU vs Midsem

Exam is coming up. I just finished my Grammar quiz and I'm telling you..I sucked!! Bapak susah! I'm starting to worry about my midsem. I can't blew it out again. Nak graduate dah next sem so kena buat betol betol. Haish. Next week is a week holiday. Sorry no going out. I have to study.

Herm. Can't wait to go watch MU against Malaysia this Saturday. I'm going to their training also. Akak asked me last week nak ikot gi tgk training dorang tak?? Of Course!! Haha. Even Ronaldo dah takde..Haih..Takpela. Atleast ada Macheda lagi. And I read that Owen is in MU now. Mungkin dia pon ada nanti??? Hehe.

p/s: Sayang jangan marah. I tengok je MU. tapi tak sokong pon. Tetap Liverpool okeh? HEHE.


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