Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Well, it's kinda fun watching the football game yesterday. But if only Ronaldo was there too, I'm sure it's gonna be a lot of fun and MU will score more than just 3 goals. It's my first time watching a live football game that I actually remember watching it. HAHA. When I was little my dad brought me to watch a football game. We were seating in the box at that time. Place for vvip. That was then. HAHA.

So, yesterday, our spot was kinda okay. I cab see the players clearly. Only after 6 lah due to the sun. Malaysia main okaylah. There were a few opportunities they can score but then didn't succeed. I was watching Zaquan and Zafuan all the time. Hehe. Kesian Zafuan dia injured during 1st or 2nd hakf, I can't remember. And Zaquan was playing like damn!! HAHA.

I'm the only one in my siblings yang bukan MU fan. So I wasn't wearing baju MU or baju merah pon. HAHA. I'm wearing purple! Planning at first nak pakai baju LFC but then for my own safety, Along said better don't. Semalam ada orang pakai jersey Barcelona kena maki hamun gile babun. Satu stadium boo dia. Siap kena halau naik lagi. Luckily I didn't wear the LFC tshirt. Haih.
Ada second match tomorrow for Indonesian's yang dah beli tiket kat Indon tapi MU tak jadi datang sana pasal kes hotel kena bom tu. My brother-in-law, Along and my brothers are going. I'm not. No thank you. Dah tak sanggop nak berkepit-kepit, bersempit-sempit dengan orang ramai. My boobs and butts are resting now from being grabbed again. Seriously, bapak ramai orang.
Here are some photos of yesterday's event.

My brother-in-law yang fanatik MU!!

The siblings.

The big screen TV.

You see right there?? Those are Macheda and Giggs strecthing up to play. Macheda!

My Along was just to excited! HAHA. She gets a bit like my mom when she's ecxited. HAHA.

My sis Farah and her so-called-friend, lovely K.nana.

Me and my poyo brother.

My beloved Along.

As you can see, betapa teriknya matahari.

The capacity of people in the stadium. And it's only a quarter of it.


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