Friday, July 24, 2009

UIA tolong JANGAN cuti!!

UiTM dah cuti sebab H1N1. Seriously, I'm worried if UIA pon akan dicutikan. No way!! Hell no!! I prefer my life in college yes thank you. I really don't wanna get stuck at home for any period of time anymore. Balik every weekends pon dah naek gila. Apatah lagi duduk rumah lama-lama. Hell no!!!! Please. I need my fresh air. And if it means that I have to study Arab every sem pon, I sanggop asal tak balik rumah. Once in a while boleh la. Tapi not frequently. Seriously.

Sejak duduk rumah last Friday, macam orang gila dah. Dengan takde cigarettes for a week..huh..sempot udara!! Tadi keluar dengan Apa dapatlah sap kok a few tang. Hehe. Now I can breathe..haahh..lega. Hehe. Sangat penat. And malas nak cerita pasal keluar dengan Apa tadi or what happened last night. I don't wanna spoil my mood again. I've been really stressed up this past few months. With the exam's coming up after this holiday, so, I really don't wanna let any problems get into my way. Just not now. PLEASE!!

But all in all..I'm happy that my boo gets what he wanted. I hope he's happy too. Well, he better be. Hehe. :)) Happy birthday again sayang.


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  1. laaa, nilai xnak cuti tape. pj jelah cuti. haha