Monday, July 6, 2009

losing faith.

Damn. I'm lost. Again. Dah jauh terpesong ni. Perlu kembali ke pangkal jalan. Don't forget your goals here Phye!! Remember your promises to yourself! Don't let me down again! Gotta pick up the missing pieces. Ya Allah, give me strength to keep up with this life.

Life. A brutal word to me. That gives a million reason to stay alive. Don't let go. Hold on to your grip. Keep on fighting. Gotta let the fighter in me to come out. Don't hold back. Hold on Phye. You can do it. You are a smart girl.

Where's the Phye who always score her goals no matter what? Gotta keep moving on. Don't let other things distract you. Don't ever let the past happen again!! Don't!Don't let them down. You love them, make them happy.

Strength. Support. Faith. I need it. People who love me with all that.


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