Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today is 22nd and another 3 days I'll be in Nilai!!!!!

God I can't wait! Seriously. Thank you for the 3 weeks I spent at home. I was so damn bored til leave me no choice that I rather went jogging instead of just sit around, cooking and cleaning the house.Note that! I went jogging??!! You have no idea how semput I was. My muscles are still killing me right now! I am soooo taking extra subjects on short sem or else I'll be spending another 3 months at home! Hell no!!!

I can't wait to see Dayang my love, Jowi my honey, Syira my baby, Wan my buddy, Dudi my dude and everybody lah senang cakap!! Hehe.

Kita set class sama-sama kay sayangs?? Muahxx.

P/s: FCUK!! Gigi bongsu tumbuh buat gusi aku bengkak! I can't eat! Can't drink! Stuck n the house!! I'm dehydrated!!!!


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  1. we r seperated la syg...
    mengong kan uia ni..huh!!