Monday, October 12, 2009

Everything but not this.

Have you ever miss the feeling of being broken hearted?

Where you feel so messed up and miserable.
Crying all night, wasting tons of tissues.
Can't eat, can't sleep, can't do anything right.
Cursing your ex so harshly but the fact is you miss him even more each day.
Wanting to dress up to impress and making him feel regret leaving or cheating on you.
Feeling as if you are strong enough without him but the fact is you are so damn lonely.

I do. Right now. No offense ye boo. I'm not saying anything (please don't assume anything).
It's just that..after being single for 3 years then not single for another 3years makes me feel like..

I miss being so messed up!!

Weird huh? Everybody wants to be happy, loved and not lonely but here I am..missing the moment of no one in the world wants to be in.
I have great friends around me, wonderful family, and a boyfriend who loves me so damn much but then I miss being broken hearted.
I'm not praying for it, no!! And I ain't complaining!
Just..herm. It's nature in human I guess.
Nothing is ever enough. Can't be gratitude of what they have.

Maybe it's just mooshy me talking crap right now.

p/s: Sumpah taknak tido time Maghrib lagi!


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