Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sylvia Path.

I feel so fucked up. Stress!! Final is in two weeks. Tons of assignments. Everyweek ada je activity yang compulsory. I hate it when it includes marks for finals. I am depressed.

Sylvia Path. One the world's most famous poet. Killed herself out of depression. She attempted thrice. And succeeded on the third. She puts her head in the oven and baam!! She took out her life just like that. Scary and painful. If I want to commit suicide, I'll definitely do it in a less painful way. Much less.

But my life is no where any less pain. Okay. It's the hormones talking again I guess.

AGD (Annual Grand Dinner) is on this Thursday. Many said I'm very excited about it cause it's kinda my thing. Well you guys, AGD in UIA..is definitely not my thing. Not in UIA. Wearing gowns and dresses with tudung..is totally not my thing. Not that I disgust wearing tudung. I'll be twice as hot as I was when I wasn't wearing any of course. :)) The thing is..if the theme for AGD is not as same as the theme for my prom last two years..I don't think I'll be going after all. But dah alang2 I already have the dress and the masquerade, pegi jelah.

-sigh-...bosan. What a pathetic life. I need some entertainment. You guys..jom pegi D-G-1?? Bwahaha.

p/s: Hidup mesti perasan.