Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i love you to death is not that cliche to me,

Kalau orang yang taktau cerita, akan suruh aku blahh.

" Jangan jadi bodoh Phye. Kalau sayang, bukan mcm tu caranya. Kenapa kau sanggup dia ada yang kedua? "

Apa yang dorang taktau, when I look into his eyes, I see the sincerity. I know that he loves me too...just as much as I love him. Sometimes aku pon wonder betul ke dia sayang aku ? Tapi bila tengok mata dia, aku nampak. Taktau lah if this is just me being wishful thinking. But what makes it hard for him to just have me in his life, I think because he doesn't feel secure yet. I mean..apa jaminan nya yang aku takkan tinggalkan dia ? He once told me that he can leave everything behind..but what if one day, I cheated on him ? What if one day, I found another guy and leave him all alone ? I have no answer for that. All I know is that, I love him so much and nothing can ever change my feelings toward him. I really do want the only thing that can do us apart is death. I know this sounds so cliche and only happens in movies...but yeah, I really do hope that only death do us apart.

Saya takde ayat manis atau kata jaminan nak bagi kat awak. Tapi saya harap awak tau yang saya takde orang lain and takkan biarkan siapa2 pun bertakhta di hati saya melainkan awak. No matter how temptatious the temptation would be, my heart only belongs to you. And I will keep it that way. I'm not an angel. I'm only human...saya hanya boleh buat apa yang termampu. The rest, is up to you.

Please be fair to me. For 7 years you can be faithful to someone else whom you love to death, physically and emotionally. Why can't you now ? You have nothing to lose cause I won't dissapoint you.


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