Sunday, January 30, 2011


Eight ways to win your heart.

It's not that hard to impress me. I think it'll be less than eight ways. But I'll think of something...don't worry..I'm not that fussy.

1) Don't be too nice. I hate it when a guy shows it too much that he loves me more than he should. I like it when a guy plays " hard to get " but when in reality, he loves me so damn much. Show a lil bit of ego. A little bit only. Cause I tend to feel "rimas" with too nice guys.

2) Give full attention to me. Especially when we are on a date or just hanging out with friends. I hate it when a guy constantly check his phone or texting all the time when he's with me. I mean, hello ??? I'm infront of you. Who could possibly be more important than me that you has to entertain at that particular time ??

3) I like surprises. It doesn't have to be with presents or stuff. Just by coming and see me in certain occasion when I'm not expecting it is more than just enough.

4) Sweet talks. * but not too sweet yang mcm jiwang keparat ke ape. I mean just a simple but sweet, sweet talks. I feel more appreciated.

5) If a guy wants me, show some effort. Not the other way round. Prove to me that he actually is for real and want to take us to the next level.

6) Knows how to make me laugh. Especially when I'm in certain mood that needs to be calm. Like when I'm angry, or crying or just feeling a bit gloomy...all that emotions can just go away when he makes jokes. And please, not stupid jokes !

7) Acknowlegde my presence. Introduces me to his friends and family *family kalau dah serious sangat lah. Bring me along to any activities that he and his friends are attending. Like watching a football match or whatsoever. Doesn't have to be all the time. I get it that guys like their quality time with their friends. But, once in a while, when I'm not busy or has nothing to do at all, bring me along. I hate it when a guy feels like bringing me along is leceh or malas. It's as if he do not take me seriously.

8) Be gentleman. I hate rude guys. Pentingkan the term "ladies first". Like when we go out, be a gentleman by picking me up and sent me back home safely. If he really do care about me, I'm sure he'll make sure of my safetyness aite ? And plus, it is more appropriate that way bila bawak anak dara orang keluar jalan jalan kata my mom. Haha.

It's not that hard to win my heart kan ??


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