Monday, February 14, 2011

hopeless valentine

For those who know me very well, they will say I am someone who likes romantic stuff...jenis yang when it comes to love, I like to make the impossible things to happen. Kononnya cam not a hopeless romantic lahh. Though I don't believe it's true. I the feeling of being in love. I like to have someone in my life that I can call sayang...that I can call everynight and say I love you..someone that I can laugh and cry for. So that's why, every little things pun I take it seriously. Like birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries...bila ada occasion like this, I like to make it pop ! Semangat nak celebrate..sebab to me, through these occasions, kita boleh tunjukkan tanda kita hargai kekasih kita. Sama jugak mcm konsep Mother's Day, Father's Day...semua tu utk kita tunjukkan penghargaan and kasih sayang kita. So tak salah kan kalau aku semangat2 for such occasions like this ???


My first Valentine with him didn't go so well. I guess I should have not celebrate it in the first place. What I planned, satu pun tak jadi. And die macam tak happy je dengan hadiah yang aku bagi ? Or dia memang mcm tu ?

To tell the truth, I was kinda dissapointed. Yeah I know it's just another stupid Valentine celebration. The thing is, I never celebrate Valentine. Even dengan my previous ex pun tak penah celebrate. I mean, yeah we wished each other but then we didn't really celebrate it. No present and stuff, takde nak gi dating2 cam orang lain ke ape. So technically, this is my first time ever celebrate Valentine. And it turned out to be like...nothing really happen. I should have not be too excited so I wouldn't felt this way. Tu orang kata jangan high hope sangat nnt takut kecewa. I wanted to try actually. Nak tau ape rase celebrate this " love festive" ... tapi takde unsur romantik langsung.. hahaha..okay dah. This is my first and last Valentine celebration. Lepas ni, birthday sajalah. But it's okay... I had so much fun karaoke-ing with him and his friends yesterday (though my romantic dinner plan with him had to cancelled, damn!) still...first time jumpa mommy. Memang semua kepala gatai lah boleh cakap. Ada je bahan... though cam kecewa semalam tapi aku gelak smpi terkeluar air mata, okay lahh tu.


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