Saturday, November 14, 2009


Po'yea whom first I met as Ariff also known as Thermos. The first time I came to UIA, he's the first guy that became my friend else than Nabil and Naqib. Last sem we became classmates and he's the only person in class that was nice to me before came the melodrama hatiku. Ariff is Akma's boyfriend who is also my very goodfriend. Ariff knows every little bad things I did.
Ariff is a funny,laid-back kind of person. He's calm in every situation. He's kind and caring. Always gives me advise especially about my relationships. He always covers for me. Haish. It's sad if you have to go Po'yea. Melodrama hatiku wouldn't be complete without you. Your absence will be felt..if only I have the power, I'll make sure you stay with us. I pray to God, hoping that He won't take the only thing that makes all of us complete..that is you!!

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