Thursday, May 28, 2009

It was lovely, but then...

Okay. Continue to yesterday post, turns out actually Apa was just trying to give me a surprise. I told him that I will be watching the game at Hartamas with my sister and brother in law. He decided to do me a surprise by coming to Hartamas. Tapi unfortunately, terkantoi lebih awal. And by that time, he was already near Damansara. I was happy by his intention but at the same time, I was worried too. How am I going to tell my sister and my brother in law? Would they believe me if I told the truth?

But then at the last minute, my sister change the venue. We went to Subang. So did Apa n his friends. Though I;m happy that he's here, still..I don't feel good. I told Apa to come and sit with me and my sister. But he refused. He was shy. I hae no choice but to sit with Apa. He came all the way from Seremban that night just to watch football with me. If only Apa sit with akak and all..everything would be so much easier.

And just now, Along told me that my brother in law "terase" with me. That he felt as if I used him to get out that night. Cause my parents would let me go out at night. But since I'm going with him, my parents let me out. Abg Saiful thought I had planned it all with my friends. Padahal I didn't know that Apa was coming. I was in the car when I found out that he's already in K.L to surprise me. He came all the way from Seremban, takkan tak duduk dgn dia. Ajak dia duduk dgn my sis sume..mmg takkan lah dia nak duduk. Adoyh. I don't know what to do. Should I explain the truth to Along and abg Saiful? I know they won't believe me. They'll think that I create an excuse. Should I apologise to Abg Saiful? Segan lah. I don't know how. I think I just keep quiet kott. Takot lah. Cane nie? I'm stuck. I don't feel good.

p/s: Thank you sayang for the surprise. I appreciate sangat.


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