Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tak best lah canie..

I got a message from Qiela saying that she and Yad has ended their relationship!!!! What the fuck!!! Takmo lah. I've always known Yad as Qiela's. It will be weird for me if I see him with a different girl. Takot tak masuk plak cam dgn Qiela. Eventhough Qiela cakap that she will still keep in touch with us and nothing will change even die break dgn Yad pon, still....tak best lah canie. I really hope taht they'll work something out. Reason Qiela break pon sebab selalu gaduh. Aduh. That sounds really familiar. Now I'm scared. Haih.

janganlah break korang..



  1. aku rindu yad dengan qiela dulu.
    aku rindu waktu dulu.
    seminggu yang dasyat sampai aku kene bar english!

  2. herm. aku pon kena bar english mase first time gi mos dgn kau.