Wednesday, May 20, 2009

takde keje laen ke Along?

Adoyh. Since my brother in law bawak lappy gi Melaka, so tak dapat lah nak online this past few days since he's the only one yang ade broadband kat umah nie. Banyak gile kott tak update. Pasal birthday Mamak, pasal itu ini. Haha. Takpelah. I'll update one by one.

Pape hal pon, nia nak habaq lah. My eldest sister has just found my blog..AGAIN!! Adoyh. This time biarlah die jumpa. I'm tired of hiding my blog and so whatever lagi dah. After all, I'm clean now. It's been ages since I do stuff behind my family's back. So, I'm not gonna change my blog anymore. I'm sticking to this one this time. Biarlah my Along and her nossy and can't mind her own bussiness. I have lots of other stuff to worry about.

Now is already 3 am. I thought of updating about Mamak's birthday but then I'm waking up early tomorrow to make breakfast for my brother (he gave me some money to go out tomorrow) I'm cooking him nasi goreng. Which means..I have to go to bed now. And after balek dari kuar esok..I'll update everything that has been going on this past few days I tak online. Til then..bye bye.


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