Sunday, May 24, 2009

XOXO,Gossipgirl!! :))

Okay. I know this sounds so lame and cliche'..but I just finished watching Gossip Girl Season 1. And God damn it, I cried watching the last episode. Especially the part where Chuck Bass gives his best man speech on his dad's wedding. And I really hate Jenny. Gosh that girl has to stop trying so hard to fit in. They are the upper siders. You are the middle class. You'll never fit in, ever!

My brother in law downloaded GG a few days ago. I'm not a big fan of GG, but I turned out to really like it and looking forward to watch the second season. And to my surprise, I think I like Chuck Bass. Really love it when he said "I'm Chuck Bass". He said it all the time. Very sexy and funny! Haha. I really want him to end up with Blair. They really look cute together. And Chuck is quite a cutie himself!! Hehe.

Well, what's next?? Haha. :))

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