Monday, May 25, 2009

My birthday people!!

My birthday is coming up you guys. It's just around the corner. Hehe. But unfortunately, I won't be here on my birthday. I'll be in Kedah for Abg Pian's wedding. His wedding is on the same day my birthday is. Urghh. Since I can't celebrate it here with my boo and friends, there better be a surprise or anything to celebrate my birthday kat Kedah nanti. Sebagai ganti lahh.

Dah lama takde celebration for my birthday. The last time mase Form 5 where Dyane, Amal, Anese sume tu lah buat a surprise celebration. It's not like a fancy party ke ape. Just a simple one but means a lot to me since I'm a big fan of surprise thingy. Just ade cake and a few of my besties. I really appreciate. It takes a lot of work okay! Trust me, I know!!

Every year, I never really ask for much. I just want my partner to be there with me on my birthday and we do something fun. That's enough. No need present. Cause he or she being there for me is more than I could wish for. It's been a while since orang celebrate my birthday.

I wonder what Apa wants to do for my birthday. I'm not hoping anything. Taknak hope hope nie. Nanti tak seperti yang diharap, kecewa pulak. herm..Takpelah. I don't mind anything. Having you in my life pon is the biggest present of the year. Huhu :))

p/s: Jangan buat dunno pada post ini yea? Huhu.



  1. i takut.
    kehidupan i pun terumbang ambing sekarang :)

  2. kenapa nie? i tak mintak hadiah pon.