Friday, March 12, 2010

Beat it !!

I'm young. Though I'm 20, still, it's consider young. I'm young, fabulous and restless. Ini bukan ayat nak perasan diri okay. It's the fact. I may not be the prettiest or the hottest girl on earth, but yeah, I do like to consider myself as fabulous sometimes. HAHA !

>>>>>>>Back to my point.

I'm young (sure korang nak cakap berapa kali nak kena ulang kan? mampos lah. haha) and I like to have fun. I like to try something new. I like to explore things that I'm interested in. I like to do things that normal girls (okay maybe not that normal, but typical lah) like to do. Not conformism, just that I like to update myself with latest trend or whatever. And most of all, I like to flirt. Yess I do. I like to flirt. Sorry kalau ada yang sakit hati baca apa aku tulis ni, tp itu mmg aku. Sampai ada orang tu bagi aku lagu Yank- Wali band lah kann?? Makan dalam ouh lagu tu!!

Ye kau boleh cakap mata aku stereo. Lihat ke kiri, ke kanan macam lagu Emang Dasar tu. Aku bukan gatal. No I'm not. Being flirtish and having an itch that only guys can scratch is two DIFFERENT thing!! I like to meet new people and make some connections. The thing is..when we are having too much fun, people seem to get the wrong idea about our intention. They tend to judge us as if we are some scumbags who are just all over themselves. Herm ape aku merepek ni pun aku tak paham. Whatever it is, screw whatever people wanna say. Either its good or bad, suka hati korang lah. Ape aku tau, I'm just living up my life.

p/s: Lets get the party started babeh!!


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