Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm just too clueless.

We are friends. Or is it me the only one who thinks that way?

You said we are friends. And that you love me. But what does "friend" means to you actually? Just a person who hangs out and have fun together? Or a person you hide everything from? I'm not the kind of person who can satisfy your every needs and just understand what are your feelings whenever it feels something. I can see that you are upset abput something but how would I know what is it about if you don't tell me? And why am I the one to bare all the cluelessness and the ignorance from you? I seriously have no clue at all. I'm very upset and dissapointed. It's like I am being blame of something that I know nothing off.

I hate it when I have to hide being nice or friendly with other people because someone else just can't understand that we are close because we are ONLY FRIENDS. Nak call pun kena sorok2, tak blh bagitau orang lain yang kitrg ber calling2, ber msg2. Kalau gtau, mula lah ade conflict lain. It start with main main tapi lama lama, mcm jadi betol2 pulak sampai nak merajuk bagai. It's like Im not being trusted! I've been trying to avoid but then when I think about it again, why should I ? We are all friends and that someone else should just believe it. Take your jealousy or whatever it is to somewhere else please cause I seriously, won't backstabb my own friend for some stupid matter. Come on lahh. They can say it's nothing or that they are okay about it but we all know they're bluffing cause they are acting the other way round. I'm soo not gonna get myself into "frienship
= love triangle complications" cause it's just too dumb.

Hatim and Anese cakap "kau kena pikir diri kau jugak Phye. Kalau pikir orang lain je, kau jugak yang serabot2. So baik pikir diri sndri dulu baru pikir org lain"...masalah nya Hatim, Anese, even aku pikir orang lain pun, tapi orang lain tak reti nak appreciate, and ending nya aku jugak yang kena tempias, ape guna nya? Pikir orang lain pun cakap aku pikir diri sndri. Masalah lah cani. Aku suka berkawan. Memang aku suka flirt gak. Tapi bukan dengan kawan kawan sendiri. Euw geli je. Aku tak penah ade scandal or couple dgn membe2 sendiri. So what makes you think I will now??

p/s: Please don't leave me clueless.


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