Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where is the love ?

I'm crying ! I'm crying ! I'm crying !

I just finished reading Akmar's blog. Sedih!! Heartbreaking!! I called Pokyea right away after that and read to him what she wrote. (Sorry if kau marah Akmar, but he has to know what are your feelings rite now)...and he said "Aku still sayang dia lah..babi lah. AKU SAYANG DIA! "

See?? This is another case of "I love you but I can't be with you cause it's just too complicated" !!! And in the end ape jadi??? Masing masing sakit. Masing masing pedih. Masing masing merana.


It's there. But it's complicated. I know. Well stop being a pussy and make things simple will yaa?? It can be as easy as it sound. I know it can!!!

Pokyea, Akmar, korang dah together since first sem lagi. Dah 1 year lebih korang. Please...tolong..aku tahap merayu ni..please get back together. Aku tak sanggop dowh tgk korang macam ni cause seriously, aku pon rasa sekali ape korang rase and it's damn heartbreaking!!!!!!!

Wan, Dayang...tolong lah. Kita dah bersama since korang mula couple lagi. And WE ALL were there masa first night Dayang overnight for Wan. And WE ALL were there the moment Dayang ended her relationship with Syed to be with Wan. We all were there!!!

Where is the love people??? Tolong lah. It's heartbreaking. Even it's not happening to me, but I can feel the pain too!!

Just get over yourselves and ignore all the bullshit and just be together and be happy like we used too!! (Of course, some new limits and behaviour must be set first to ensure the firmness of the relationship in future). Why must you make your life miserable???

Please please. Why can't we just be like before? Please...

p/s: I'm still crying... :)))