Saturday, March 13, 2010

The day before heaven comes.

I just got home. Went shopping with my mom just now. As usual, bila sem baru nak start je, I'll get myself a new handbag. I thought I was crazy over shoes. But now I realise it's actually handbags. I have dozens of them. Some I still keep and still in good condition but some, entah kemana dah hilang. Dah rimas sangat dengan my old bag yang Az bahan cakap aku beli kat downtown cheras (pantek pny Az) sebab kecik and magnet die dah tak kuat, bile overload je senang terbukak. So I decided to buy a new one. My mom just got her bonus so memang pucuk di cita, ulam mendatang lah. But this time instead of Guess, I bought Charles&Keith. Okay lah that bag. Not too small not too big. I like the colour. Huhu. I need a pair of new shoes to go with that bag. Dah jumpa tapi tak saiz pulak. Since we were running out of time, so aku dapat beli beg je. Woo...:(( Takpelah. I'm thankful with what I got. Penat sangat berjalan today. Lepas ni nak kena packing pulak. Coz I'm gonna say BYE BYE home and HELLLOOO nilai, my home sweet home. :) Can't wait.


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