Friday, August 21, 2009

because of you.

Look, I hate to brought this up but hey, you started it.

I've done my part but I failed cause I let myself slip into the seduction. I wasn't strong enough to resist it. I'm only human.
If you realise it, you were one of the reason why these things happen. Because of you, we met. Because of you, they were torn apart.
I clean their shits because of you. And he brought himself away because of you. Cause you asked him to.
You wanted them to separate and when they did, you blame it on me? Ultimate betrayal? WTH? I was there when you almost took away his life. I was there when you cause him losing his girlfriend. I was there when he needed help. And I was there when she needed help.
Help they desperately need because of you.
You do everything in your power just to see him destroyed. Just to see him not being with her. Just to see them apart. And now you finally got everything you wished for, you blame it all on me??

And I was there when all this shits happen. I was suppose to brought them together and God's will I failed. We failed. I failed on my way of being the middle man. Cause I fell in love. We fell in love. We didn't plan to. But it happened.

God. This all shits are kids stuff! I can't believe you got yourself into it. You are far away more mature than this. Even I try not to get involve in this eventhough it is my shit.

These things has long stop. Why you brought it up?? I'm so.....speechless.

Please. Don't let little things like this ruin everything. It's just puppy love. Hardly last forever.

Even if I'm not the reason why they broke up, I'm sure somehow in the future they will. I mean, you don't actually think that the "only death do us apart" thingy is for real aite?

But I bet you knew better. Right?

But it's sad that somehow, it seems like you don't.



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  3. I've save n deleted my comment out of respect to my mother's request. TQ

  4. salam...dont blame other people 4 what had happen..people make mistakes. we learn from mistakes and others people mistakes. if we keep on making mistakes we are doomed.. orang akan suruh kita pergi jahanam.. so, mungkin ada sbb kenapa jadi mcm tuh.. look at your self first before point to others.. and about him.. you yourself boleh fikir sendiri dari awal.. memang you manusia..tapi kalau dah buat anaya kat orang lebih kurang macam binatang je..dasar perempuan tak tahu malu..perrgi jahanam la lu!!!!ko bukan segak sangat pun..aku tengok pun x lalu,mulut jer lebih,mulut tu letak kt longkang lagi baik la,maka dgn rasminya..aku aim mulut ko sampai meninggal....mlut macam sial...kalau sakit at sngat x yah luah lam blog..berdepan jer..bye cayang...jgan marah...da x lawa,nanti ag x lawa...dan terbatal lak puasa..hahahaha..wasalam...salam ramadhan..peace no war :)

  5. hehe. mohd adli syafiq. are you paid to say these things? weell..thank you for your komen. as i said. i'm only human. au buruk ke, aku lawa ke..itu ketentuan Tuhan. Aku bersyukur jela. takpe sekurang-kurang nya, aku sedar siapa aku. herm. and my advise, if u tak tahu ape cerita, baik diam saja lah. and by the way, bace betol2 balek.mmg aku mengaku salah aku. tapi aku tertanya, kenapa si dia nak blame everything on me padahal die yang berkerja kesar memisahkan mereka. mcm ni lah mohd adli syafiq, kau tak perlu nak berkuang hajar. be professional. ade otak, ade akal Tuhan dah bagi, guna lah ok? wassalam.