Sunday, August 30, 2009

New phase.

I have some stalkers yang sangat tak puas hati with me. Accused me of really stupid stuff. I don't know what's their problem. Aku tak penah kacau hidup orang. Some of you might have read what they wrote in my shoutbox. So, I had to change my url to avoid those suckers cause I know they won't stop and I'm not a patient person myself, so to avoid any drama going on, I decided to relocate my blog. Urgh. So..url je tukar but still the same old blog. I know my url agak menjengkelkan but I can't think of any other title lah. Lek lah dowh.

Some drama that has been going on in my life the whole week had passed and I'm really relieved. All I can say is that, trust no one! Lesson learned. Can't always depend on anyone cause people tend to bring us down. So, like I said in my previous post, I'm moving on. Okay peeps. You can love me or hate me. You know you love me. Muahx.

p/s: Another phase of my life.


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