Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zafran's soccer fever.

Today is Zafran's birthday. Esok, during the first day of raya Along is going to throw a party for him. A really big one. She had prepared everything. Theme dia "soccer fever". Everybody has to wear their favourite team punye jersi. I'll be wearing Liverpool jersey of course. HAHA. So, tadi me and Apa pon tergesa-gesa lah ke Al-Ikhsan nak beli hadiah for this little boy. At first Apa igt nak beli bola Liverpool. But then we found this very cute little Nike shoe and terus rasa cam nak beli. I know Zafran has two shoes already and he doesn't need another one but my heart berat pada nak gak kasut tu, Apa pon camtu, so we decided to buy him that shoe. Kitorang tong-tong duet and beli jugak!! I hope Zafran will love our present. Hehe. :))

And ohh ya, everbody is invited. So, come lah join the party!!

Ni lah kasut tu. What do you guys think? Comel tak?


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